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Hair Transplant Ireland

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Free Consultation in Dublin

A hair transplant procedure in Dublin is very expensive. You can save up to 50% of the cost of a procedure in Ireland by using our expert services, gained over 10+ years of hair restoration practice.

We offer a free initial consultation in Dublin, at our premises: Pembroke House, 28-32 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin, D02 EK84.

At your initial consultation in Dublin, one of our hair specialists will evaluate the condition of your hair and scalp, and your coordinator will explain all the details about our process and answer any other questions you may have.

After this consultation you can decide whether to continue with our proposed treatment plan - including the added bonus of a visit to the beautiful city of Budapest.

Low Costs - Affordable Hair Transplant Surgery

Our HairPalace clinic offers hair transplant surgery at affordable prices, without compromising in quality. The average salary in Hungary is about one quarter of the Irish, whereas medical university education is of the same quality - this is why Hungarian doctors are sought after throughout Europe. The salary difference makes it possible to offer much lower treatment prices compared to Ireland.

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Hair Transplant Procedure and Guarantee

We use the latest available hair transplantation method: the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Safe System. This is a painless procedure, done under local anaesthetic. The healing process takes only 1-2 weeks after which there is no scarring on the scalp. The result looks entirely natural so that no-one will be aware that you have undergone a hair transplant.

We guarantee that 80% of the implanted hairs will regrow in 12-15 months following the intervention. If it’s not the case, we will reimplant the missing amount of hairs for free.

Post-operative Follow-Up

An online medical check-up will be carried out after the treatment within a month, then after three months, half a year and one year.

Hair Transplant Team

All of our team of specialists and coordinators have a good command of English. Our Hair Restoration specialists have relevant medical qualifications of the highest standard. Meet some of our team below.
Dr. Ljuba Zsolnai - Hair Restoration Specialist - Hair Palace for hair transplants abroad from Ireland

Dr. Ljuba Zsolnai - Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr Zsolnai obtained her M.D. at the University of Uzhgorod, then she continued her studies in hair restoration surgery - undertaking several specialist training courses in the field. She has carried out more than 400 hair restoration surgeries.
Dr. Katalin Serény Hair Restoration Specialist - Hair Palace for hair transplants abroad from Ireland

Dr. Katalin Serény Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr Serény finished her studies at Semmelweis Medical University in 2007. She has been working in the field of hair transplant surgery since 2010. In the last few years she helped Hungarian celebrities and well-known TV personalities to resolve their hair problems. She believes that communication is the most important factor for a successful intervention; to know exactly what the patient wants is essential, as well as patience and the aesthetical sense.
Dr. Erika Gucsi - Consultant, Hair Restoration Specialist - Hair Palace for hair transplants abroad from Ireland

Dr. Erika Gucsi - Consultant, Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr Gucsi obtained her M.D. at Semmelweis Medical University. Currently she works as a consultant and hair transplant specialist at HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic, where she helps patients to get back their self-confidence.

She speaks English and German well.
Dr. Koreny Dóra - Consultant, Hair Restoration Specialist - Hair Palace for hair transplants abroad from Ireland

 Dr. Koreny Dóra - Consultant, Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr Dóra obtained her medical degree at Semmelweis Medical University and subsequently started working in the field of hair transplantation. She is now a consultant and hair restoration specialist at our clinic. She believes that precision and exceptional sense of aesthetics in her profession can improve the quality of the life of her patients.
Dr. Viktória Novák - Consultant, Hair Restoration Specialist - Hair Palace for hair transplants abroad from Ireland

Dr. Viktória Novák - Consultant, Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr Novák obtained her M.D. at Semmelweis Medical University, in Budapest. She works as a consultant at HairPalace clinic, and has already helped hundreds of patients to get an idea on possible solutions to remediate their hair loss problems.

Medical Assistants

Our assistants and medical consultants play a key role in our success, as the first step in this process is good communication. We think that explaining each step of the hair transplant process, and discussing with our patients what results they can expect is an integral part of the success of our treatment.

We succeed as a team and it's important that our assistants, medical consultants and patients work together closely. Communication is key.
Honesty, clarity and commitment all lie at the heart of our hair restoration success.

The Hair Palace team - Hair specialists and co-ordinators, Hair Transplants abroad in Hungary from Ireland

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